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Is the lifestyle you've got the one you would choose?

Are you into the beaches and watersports? Or maybe you're more interested in arts and culture? Either way, what do you want to spend your time doing – your favourite activities, or travelling to and from them?

Apartment living in key destinations throughout Australia has become a popular lifestyle choice for many. Living nearby to what interests you the most can be a stimulating, time-efficient and cost-effective experience. Now imagine if you could not only live next door to your passions, but also enjoy some of the facilities and services that are normally only found in upmarket hotels.

We are Residences. Art Series Residences, Peppers Residences, Mantra Residences and BreakFree Residences.

Mantra Realty is part of Mantra Hotels, the leading Australian-based hotel and resort operator. It encompasses our expert ’Residences’ Property Management team and our trusted Apartment Sales division. It operates like most other real estate agencies, except that it exclusively manages and sells Mantra managed properties, incorporating the resort and hotel brands Art Series, Peppers, Mantra and BreakFree.

A key reason Mantra Realty has enjoyed sustained success in the accommodation industry is our ability to identify desirable locations where people want to stay. Now we bring that same ability to the long-term apartment rental market. So if living in a location that offers a more convenient, productive way to live your life and pursue your passions interests you, call our Residences team today on (07) 5631 2586.